Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Reflection Music Player for iPad

Reflection Music Player is the latest iPad music application from 4PocketsAudio, the creators of Meteor Multi-Track recorder and StompBox guitar effects rack, which featured in Apple’s iPad 2 TV commercial in January 2012.

Reflection Music Player brings a feature packed music player to the iPad with Fast and Fluid Cover Flow for browsing your albums 

The Large and Uncluttered Screen can be brought to life with the Visualization Effects, there are 11 to choose from, or simply select random.

The Ten Band Graphic Equalizer enables you to set up your sounds exactly as you want, or you could use one of the presets such as Rock, Pop etc. You can also display the Graphic 

Reflection for iPad Cover Flow
Reflection for iPad Cover Flow

Equalizer Visualizations on screen at the touch of a button

The Online Mode supports Music Match so you can access your music in the cloud.

Reflection makes searching your music library easy with Alphabetical Indexing and Selectable Sort Order.  Search by Artist, Name, Album and Genre.

Reflection isn't just a music player it can become part of your day from the moment you wake up, using the Digital Clock Alarm Mode to wake you up to your favorite tracks. 

Airplay Support so you can connect to your Airplay Speakers or combine it with Mirroring to your Apple TV to stream Reflection to your TV and Surround Sound System for Big Sounds and the Visualizations on your TV Screen.

It's large and uncluttered screen makes Reflection ideal to become part of your Home HiFi set up or for your In-Car Entertainment.

Make Reflection part of your day.

Reflection Music Player  for iPad Play List
Reflection Music Player  for iPad Play List

Reflection Music Player for iPad Visualizations
Reflection Music Player for iPad Visualizations

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Monday, 18 March 2013

Meteor DAW for iPad now with 24 Tracks

Meteor DAW for the iPad latest update has increased the default number of tracks from 12 - 16 and offers the option to increase up to 24 tracks.

Here's a quick run down of whats included in Meteor iPad Daw v1.5

  • Increased default number of tracks from 12 to 16 and added the ability to extend it to 24 via an In-App purchase.
  • Added Replicate function to popup menu for duplicating large sections of a song.
  • Added ability to override MIDI port in prefs so a track can specify it's own MIDI port or applications virtual MIDI port.
  • Added Auto Quantise feature to MIDI editor. You can now quantise MIDI notes as they are recorded.
  • Redesigned the mixer screen to handle more tracks and better landscape viewing.
  • Added support for Channel Pressure for MIDI instruments.
  • Major optimisation of audio mixing engine for better low latency support.
  • Increased the render speed of audio clips in view mode and the mixer display.
  • Added a note stealing algorithm to the Sampler instrument for better handling of large polyphony.
  • Virtual ports created by other iOS applications now show up correctly.
  • Fixed a bug which caused clicking on clips that use the Cross Fade function with EQ enabled.
  • Added the ability to change the volume level of an imported video clip.
  • Fixed a possible crash when mixing down to a stereo track with 'Remove existing parts on ALL tracks' checked.
  • Fixed the broken MIDI loop recording.
  • Fixed a bug with MIDI step recording using the virtual keyboard.
  • Creating a new project now clears previous track EQ settings from mixer.
Meteor iPad DAW
4Pockets Audio