Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Tone Generator Ultra for iPad

Tone Generator Ultra for iPhone
Tone Generator Ultra for iPad
Tone Generator Ultra is a simple and easy-to-use test tone and frequency generator. Tones can be set by
frequency or musical note.
  • Sine, Square and Sawtooth Wave Generation
  • White and pink noise
  • Logarithmic / linear sweep utility with adjustable upper and lower frequencies and delay
  • Impulse wave.
  • Supports frequencies from 20Hz to 22kHz.
Tone Generators are very useful for a variety of tasks including:
  • Balancing your Stereo or Home Cinema System
  • Testing Speakers
  • Acoustics testing
  • White and Pink Noise Generator
Can be used in conjunction with PocketRTA Ultra Spectrum Analyser

Or just for fun
  • Compare your friends hearing, see who is straining to hear the sounds
  • Annoy your best friend with that pesky sound.
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